Temple of Heaven

A place where people gather for sports and recreation

The Temple of Heaven is a place where many people, often older people, gather to enjoy themselves. Activities like dancing, making music or playing games can be observed in many places.

The north entrance to the park

And the (now re-opened) Temple of Heaven, the place where the emperor prayed for a good harvest

And the interior of the Temple

The south entrance seem from the inside

and the other side

The long corridor, side entrance to the Temple of Heaven. One of the busiest places on this terrain.

This is the main temple used by the emperor for praying.

A gate to the Temple of Heaven. The emperor would take the middle entrance.

The temple where the religious books are kept. Above in April 2006, before its restoration and below in February after the restoration

... with a detail of the dragon heads (for drainage).

A firewood stove (the green brick construction), used to offer calf to the god of heaven

This is the main gate (South Gate) to the temple of Heaven (the middle gate is for the emperor), with the circular mound altar behind it.