Famous streets and squares

There those places that everyone that lives in Nanjing knows, like Gulou, Xinjiekou and so on. Here I show you some of these well known - or famous if you like - places

Houses and living areas

As in every city you will find houses in many styles, age and luxery. Houses do not get very old in general and are torn down after some 30 to 40 years, to be replaced by new buildings. This way there are always constructions going on. Add the permanent need for more infrastructure in this fast growing city and construction work seems to be everywhere you look

Just outside of the 'big' city of Nanjing, you may find some clusters of houses, often owned by local farmers. Some people became wealthy, others were less lucky. As the economy develops, people start buying more things, resulting in more waste. Unfortunately waste management is not keeping up with the speed of the industrial and economical development


Where do the people of Nanjing buy their food? Take a look at their markets and street shops

People @work

As Nanjing people spend much of their time in the street, it is not difficult to spot them during their work. Also, working hours seem to extend from early morning until late in the evening


What does the traffic look like, and how do people dress on their bicycles and mopeds. Many of these vehicles are electrical powered. The streets are occupied by many vehicles of many kinds. Traffic is chaotic and rules are often not obeyed

Rail traffic is also very important in China and is developing rapidly. New trainstation to support the network of high-speed trains in China. People wait in central waiting rooms, while the platforms remain empty until about ten minutes before the planned departure time

More to see

In the streets of Nanjing there is so much more to see that does not fit the above categories. Nevertheless they strike the eye and are worth to share