The Terracotta Armee

There is a whole industry for replicas of all kinds in the vicinity of the excavations

In bronze

Or clay

The Terracotta Armee of the Qin Emperor (Qin Shi Huang)

Tour guides waiting at the entrance gate

the exhibition center

Pit 3 - the smallest

Pit 2

In Pit 2 there are a couple of glass cases with Terracotta warriors on display

High Ranking officer

Middle ranking Officer

Cavalryman with his saddled War horse

Kneeling archer

Pit 1

the largest and first discovered excavation

A reconstructed gallery in one of the museums

the Terracotta Armee for the Han Emperor

Far less well know and smaller in size there is another Terracotta Armee on display around Xi'an

The soldiers have lost their arms because these were made of wood. Their dresses did not survive either.

Enormous amounts of animals in this armee too, apparently this Emperor did not want to starve after his dead.